SuperDrive® Collated Systems
10 X 3/4-in LOX Drive, Flat Pan Head, Fine Thread, Sharp Point Screws (collated)
Item Number: CFP101875SLYZ
10 X 3/4-in LOX Drive, Flat Pan Head, Fine Thread, Sharp Point Screws (collated)

Designed for pre-fabrication of trusses, light gauge steel studs to track, steel studs to door frame jamb anchor clips and light gauge steel to steel framing. Sharp Point designed for penetration into light gauge metal. LOX® recess drive does not require a magnetic bit tip holder. Flat pan head provides a flat bearing surface. LOX® recess 8 points of drive contact: LOX drive technology was created to solve the problems of all the other recess types. The sure-fit bit and 8 points of contact create a unique torque maximization that utilizes the full power of your power tool. The LOX recess requires much less effort to drive. The recess is much less likely to strip out as compared to other recesses. It is the only technology that gives you extended bit life and gives consistent results drive after drive.


  • LOX® recess was designed for todays screw guns and for applications where high-torque is required. LOX® will not strip out like most other recesses.
  • Under head serrations lock tight in heavy gauge metal to metal applications.
  • Grabber sharp point metal framing screws begin with the best available materials and conform to strict manufacturing requirements in thread forming. Extra sharp threads mean screws will drive faster and will hold better.
  • Collation for greater productivity in use with stand up or frame fastening.
  • Sharp Point to remove less material than a drill point and forms better connection.




Coating:Yellow Zinc


Head Type:Flat Pan Head


Thread Type:Fine Thread