TIE-MASTER™ 14 x 10 Star 40 double sided Drive, Flat Head, Coarse Thread, Type 17 Point Screws (Bulk)
Item Number: GTIE10
TIE-MASTER™ 14 x 10 Star 40 double sided Drive, Flat Head, Coarse Thread, Type 17 Point Screws (Bulk)

Tie-Master™ multi-purpose wood fastener is for general wood construction such as ledger boards, laminated beams, under-deck connections, trusses and dimensional lumber, decks, docks, and boardwalks. Featuring flat #40 star head countersinking design for flush finish and Draw-Tite™ shank pulling wood members tight together. Type-17 cutter point eliminates pre-drilling. Mechanical galvanized exterior coating for corrosion resistance.

Tie-Master is a structural corrosion-resistant heavy-duty wood screw recognized by ICC in ESR 3531 for applications such as, landscape timbers, fences, decks, headers, stair ringers, attaching rafter or trusses to the top plate and more. Tie-Master fasteners may be used in place of 1/4” and 3/8” lag screws and is code approved for use in treated lumber. Its friction reduction exterior coating, type-17 point and aggressive 10 TPI zip right into the densest woods. Tie-Master timber fasteners are mechanically galvanized coated against corrosion B695 Class 55. Grabber’s galvanized coating is ACQ compliant, and may be used in place of hot dipped galvanized products as described ASTM A153.

Application: Structural

  • Wood to wood construction
  • Decks, docks, and boardwalks
  • Retaining walls
  • Laminated beams
  • Rim to joist
  • Joist and ledger
  • Under-deck connections

Compliance with the following codes:

  • 2015, 2012, 2009 International Building Code® (IBC)
  • 2015, 2012, 2009 International Residential Code® (IRC)(IBC)
  • All local code requirements must be followed and a design professional should be consulted for proper spacing requirements.
  • BEND YIELD 150,000 (psi)



Application:Wood to Wood

Bit Tip:Star 40 double sided Bit Tip

Coating:Mechanical Galvanized