Grabber Collated Screws

Grabber’s broad range of professional grade collated screws cover 13 different application types including metal to metal, cement board to metal, and drywall to wood. Whether it’s a deck to be built or sheathing to be attached, Grabber’s collated strips can help get the job done 3 to 5 times faster.  

Don’t sacrifice quality for just any screw, with Grabber’s universal flat tape collation system there’s a collated screw for the job, and it fits in your favorite driver. 

You can find our collated fasteners and SuperDrive collated systems in our products section. Use the SuperDrive Collated Application Chart to learn which tools and fasteners are right for you.

See demos, compare products and learn more about our collated fastening tools, features and benefits in the SuperDrive Family Product Landing Page.

Grabber Collated Screws are Designed for Professionals - Infographic