SuperDrive Collated Fasteners by Grabber Construction Products

Do your job with the ultimate system for driving screws and attaching drywall.

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SuperDrive N7 snaps on to DeWalt and Makita drivers in seconds with no couplers or conversions, and all SuperDrive tools come with options to pair with other fastener systems.

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Easily fits into more spaces than other collation systems, and its rounded nose piece won’t damage drywall or other sheathing. Adaptors like our stand-up and extension make it perfect for harder-to-reach ceiling and flooring applications.

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Fifty screws per strip means staying on task longer. Fewer change outs compared to other systems. Adjusts with the click of a button. Easily attaches and detaches. Reloading is quick and simple.

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Adjusts for fastener length with a click of a button. SureLock™ fine depth control adjustment ensures accurate drives. Modules for attaching drywall to wood, cement, metal on walls, floors and ceilings.

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Extender modules reduce injury risk with less strain and awkward contortions when reaching high, low and hard-to-reach spots. Its light and compact design makes it easy to handle so it protects fingers from injury.

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Requires less fingering and manual handling of screws means you drop fewer screws on the ground and put more in the wall. As with all Grabber products you maximize consistent driving and seating with every screw.

The New Steel Framing
Collated Fastener Solution

SuperDrive Mach1 collated solution was developed to advance the attachment of steel stud framing, joist construction, prefab panels, and truss assemblies. It speeds up the attachment of light-gauge steel framing and connections.


  • 7/16” - 7/8” lengths of Grabber SuperDrive collated fasteners
  • No-slip tip
  • Reversible feed track for left- and right-hand use
  • SureLock™ fine depth adjustment
  • Coupler allows LED pass-through
  • Quick removal strap
  • Compact and durable design

SuperDrive Mach1