Grabber® UltraPro

The Ultimate Wood Fastener

UltraPro wood screw
The Best Wood Screw
LOX Recess on UltraPro Screw

#2 LOX® Recess

Eight points of contact -
no more strip-outs

Scavenger Head on UltraPro screw

Scavenger® II Head

Self-countersinks — clean and flush

DrawTite Upper Threads on UltraPro screw

DrawTite Upper Threads

Grips and pulls second wood member tighter

Drawtite Shank on UltraPro Screw

DrawTite Shank

Allows first wood member to be pulled into upper threads

ultracut threads on ultrapro screws

UltraCut Threads

Clears wood shavings for a tighter fit

Type 17 Point

Type 17 Point

No pre-drilling required

quickgrab point on ultrapro screw

QuickGrab Point

Grabs the wood and starts fast

UltraPro Wood Screw - Link to YouTube Video

The Grabber UltraPro screw sets the standard for wood-to-wood fasteners.

UltraPro is one of Grabber's finest innovations — engineered with you in mind. The value of these fasteners will be seen when you reduce wasted screws (fewer drops and fewer cam- and spin-outs), reduce labor effort (so you can drive more), increased fit into small and tight spots (no changing tools), improve safety will fewer slices, and a much higher quality finished product.

Try it once and you'll understand.

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  • No Wobble or Strip-Out
    #2 LOX® recess^ provides ultimate torque and won't strip out.
  • Drives Faster
    Extra-sharp threads drive faster and hold better.
  • Pulls Wood Together
    DrawTite upper threads create a tight seal between wood members.
  • No Pre-Drilling Required
    Type 17 point clears wood away while driving.
  • No Countersinking Required
    Scavenger®II spiral head design self-countersinks.
  • Free Up Your Other Hand
    Quickgrab point drives immediately, making jobs easier with one hand.

^UltraPro fasteners come with at least one* #2 LOX bit tip per package and are available for individual purchase.

UltraPro Interior Wood Screw Video

UltraPro Interior Wood Screw

UltraPro Exterior Wood Screw Video

UltraPro Exterior Wood Screw
Available in Two Finishes
UltraPro Coating Options of GrabberGard Gold and Yellow Zinc
1. GrabberGard® Gold for Exterior

GrabberGard Gold coating is 1500-hour salt spray tested and includes a limited lifetime warranty against corrosion.

2. Yellow Zinc for Interior

Ideal for framing, fabrication, remodeling projects, and more.

LOX® Recess
 Gives You Ultimate Torque 

Lox Recess Torque
LOX recess eight points of contact

LOX recess is a Grabber innovation patented for superior bit grip on Grabber fasteners. The eight points of contact between the LOX bit and the LOX recess act like a magnetic grip and provide a solid driving experience — at any angle.

In an independent torque test, LOX screws demonstrated almost double the torque capacity of a four-point contact recess. While a standard drive cammed out on a four-point recess with 15Nm (before being seated), the LOX recess screw seated completely with an average force of 26 Nm. The LOX stick-fit means a better and more consistent driving experience. This means less waste, which means increased productivity and added value.

Each box of UltraPro fasteners comes with at least one* LOX bit tip and your Grabber dealer has LOX bits available for individual purchase.

 *1lb boxes include 1 bit, 5lb include 3 bits, bulk contain 5 bits