Our History

In 1967, the iconic Chevy Camaro defined the automotive performance industry. 

That same year,  
Grabber redefined the construction product landscape.

Grabber is an international distributor and manufacturer of premium fasteners and fastening systems for wood, metal, and drywall applications in the commercial and residential construction markets. In 1967, Grabber Construction Products, Inc. began when John “Brad” Wagner decided that he could build a better drywall screw than the galvanized nails as the primary fastener used to hang drywall. With an engineering degree, Brad set out to create what is now known as the Grabber screw. One innovative product at a time, Grabber has expanded exponentially, with clients and customers across the globe and with more than 16,000 products, including thousands of professional-grade fasteners, drywall fabrication products, finishing and decking products, tools, adhesives, paint, caulk, scaffolding, and more.

Grabber remains centered on its original guiding principle: introducing professional-grade solutions that serve the best interests of contractors and make their lives easier. 

Grabber Innovation Timeline

Our customers find significance in the Grabber brand. Not only do they experience the quality differences in Grabber products, they see the long-run results. Their jobs get done faster. Their resources are used smarter. They know the products that they select for a job ultimately reflect their reputation. 

Grabber attributes its more than 50 years of success to strong relationships with contractors, distribution partners, and vendors. They trust our relationship and know with Grabber they will get quality products, exceptional service, and real-world answers and experience with different product applications. Grabber competes with billion-dollar brands, but our products and our connection with customers help us stand apart.



Many companies go to great lengths to document and preserve what is often termed the "DNA" of the company or its history, tradition and culture. This DNA is what makes the company unique in its industry. Grabber’s history and its DNA are well entrenched in its culture. It isn’t uncommon to meet employees who have been with the company 20 years and more. This longevity speaks volumes about company culture and the opportunities offered to its employees. 

Grabber’s culture is defined by its employees, its customers, and providing great service.