Adhesive Water-Based Drywall 29 Oz
Item Number: GDWAW
Adhesive Water-Based Drywall 29 Oz
Grabber Green Products Professional Drywall Adhesive is specifically designed for installing drywall and paneling to most common building materials. It offers excellent adhesion, reduces nail pops and provides a "no sag" installation.

Grabber Green Products Professional Drywall is a VOC-compliant formula containing no ozone depleting chemicals, making it safer for you and the environment. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, it is nonflammable, emits no harmful fumes and cleans up with water.

Exceeds the performance requirements of the ASTM C557 Specification. Tested in accordance with E72 for racking and shearing.

Product Features

  • Environmentally safe - VOC-compliant
  • Bonds drywall to wood, metal studs, plaster, wallboard, plywood, paneling and tileboard
  • Excellent strength
  • "No sag" installation
  • Reduces nail pops
  • Cleans easily with water in wet state
  • Cartridge and carton contain post-consumer recycled material

Caution Statements

Contains oxydipropyl dibenzoate and propylene glycol. Do not swallow. Do not allow eye contact or prolonged skin contact.First Aid: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; contact physician. If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Wash skin contact areas with soap and water. If irritation from eye or skin contact areas persists, contact physician. For additional information, refer to Safety Data Sheet.KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.