Bit 3-in #2 Stick Fit
Item Number: 3002L
Bit 3-in #2 Stick Fit

LOX features eight contact points--twice as many as the four points of Phillips and Robertson designs. Eight points that transfer extraordinary torque while holding a positive engagement, drive after drive.

Decades-old technology is not a good match for today's demanding applications. Drive systems like square and cruciform are unreliable and cam out too easily, resulting in poor joint reliability, higher materials waste, and lower productivity.

LOX is a technologically advanced driver system engineered for high-torque applications. LOX grabs hard and sinks even harder, giving you positive joint reliability with predictable results every time.

The patented LOX recess easily outperforms every competing drive system on the market, delivering three distinct advantages:

  • Maximum Torque
  • Minimum End Load
  • Longer Bit Life