Drywall Doesn't Have to Be Flat

Endless possibilities.
Endless opportunities.
Expand your craft and your business.

Projects that require a lot of manual cutting or that have complex curves have always been cumbersome and time-consuming for builders. 


With PanelMax advanced panel fabrication technology, drywall assemblies can be pre-assembled and ready to install when needed. 

Parts can be fabricated and duplicated off site and then delivered and installed on the job site just in time. Quick, easy, and just in time.

Innovative Drywall Forms

For the true drywall artist, PanelMax is a revolutionary system that makes creating intricate shapes and assemblies much more affordable.

Now even the most challenging assemblies can be completed more efficiently with less finishing, less labor and fewer materials.

panelmax drywall prefabrication
panelmax drywall fabrication