Screws may be small in size,
but their performance has a BIG impact on productivity and the quality of the project.

Grabber’s screws have better consistency and will drive faster, seat better, and be less likely to cam out and spin-out. No one has higher manufacturing standards than Grabber. Here you can look for the right fastener for the job - whether it's for drywall, composite wood, interior or exterior wood, heavy- or light-gauge metals, or cement, Grabber is The Professional's Choice™.

Some of Grabber's innovations in the screw industry include the Lag-Master™, Tie-Master™, UltraPro®, and the unique Scavenger® head and Vector point.

If you need professional quality screws or other fasteners and aren't sure what the best might be for your job, you can search our Solutions section or contact your local Grabber Pro, who can help you determine what you need and where to buy. Head to Other Fasteners to find DeckMaster, collated systems, and many other types of fasteners perfect for the job at hand.