NO-COAT® by CertainTeed®
NO-COAT® Mud Hopper Nocoat Bullnose Screws (Replaces Nch1)
Item Number: 318100
NO-COAT® Mud Hopper Nocoat Bullnose Screws (Replaces Nch1)

CertainTeed has perfected this standard industry tool to accommodate all inside and outside angles without time-consuming part changeovers and reconfiguration..


  • NO-COAT inside, outside, and bullnose corners
  • Flexible Corner 450 and 325


  • Eliminates part changes or reconfiguration – handles both inside and outside angle
  • Ensures a uniform and high-speed installation
  • Single piece gates with ergonomic hand knob allow for fast and easy adjustments

Product Details:

  • High density polyurethane tank and gate controllers
  • Stainless steel reservoir trough and gates