Strait-Flex® from ClarkDietrich
Strait-Flex® AMMO-Flex 2-1/16-in x 200' Reinforced Paper
Item Number: AMF200
Strait-Flex® AMMO-Flex 2-1/16-in x 200' Reinforced Paper
Ammo-Flex is designed to work through a Bazooka® automatic drywall taper. Reinforced paper backing provides strength and rigidity that spans small gaps in drywall with no need for backfilling. Diamond-punched paper edging provides maximum adhesion to the drywall surface for an even lay-down. The paper surface is pre-treated to accept primer or paint, so only the edges of the paper require a finish coat of compound.


  • 2-1/16” flexible inside corner tape for inside 90° and off-angle corners
  • Twice as strong as conventional paper tapes
  • Inside 90° corners where a small fill or minor straightening is required, with no backfilling
  • Paper will not fuzz-up during finish sanding
  • Will not fuzz-up when sanded
  • 200-ft roll