Strait-Flex® from ClarkDietrich
Strait-Flex® Sf Original 2-3/8x100 Corner
Item Number: SO100
Strait-Flex® Sf Original 2-3/8x100 Corner
Strait-Flex® flexible, composite corner beads adjust to any angle to create perfect inside and outside 90° and off-angle corners. The composite fiber backing embeds into joint compound to provide a superior bond to the drywall surface. Strait-Flex® full-composite (no-paper) construction allows the first finishing coat of compound to be applied immediately after the bed coat with no delayed shrinkage and no edge cracking. Resists dents, damage, and common cracking problems. Strait-Flex® flexible composite corner beads install with all-purpose joint compound. Available in 100 ft. rolls that can be cut to the length in the field to minimize scrap loss.


  • 2-3/8” flexible composite corner bead
  • For inside and outside 90° and off-angle corners
  • Replaces standard corner bead and uses half the compound
  • Spans common gaps in drywall, no backfilling required
  • Will not fuzz-up when sanded
  • Great for coffered and tray ceilings, bay windows
  • 100-ft roll